Satellite Applications Filed/Granted

PanAmSat was granted special temporary authority for 30 days to continue operating the telemetry, tracking and control (TT&C) payload on Galaxy VIII(I) while it performs end of life maneuvers. Pegasus Development Corporation's applications to operate its Ka-band satellites Pegasus IA at 87 degrees West Longitude (WL), Pegasus IIA at 79 degrees WL and Pegasus IIIA at 73 degrees WL were granted Jan. 30, 2004. For additional information on these grants, see Report SAT-00186 - Satellite Actions Taken and the ERRATUM correcting the incorrect addition of the SES Americom application to the list of granted applications.

SES Americom filed an application to launch and operate a replacement satellite for Satcom SN-4 at 172 degrees east Longitude. The new satellite will be designated AMC-23 and will operate on both C and Ku-bands. For more information see Report SAT-00190 - Satellite Applications Accepted for filing.