San Francisco Opera Selects Fujinon Lenses For New HD Production Facility

When the San Francisco Opera created its Koret-Taube Media Suite, the first permanent high-definition video production facility of any U.S. opera house, nine Fujinon HD lenses were chosen as part of the configuration.

Among the nine lenses selected were three HA25X11.5 BERD lightweight ENG-Style telephoto HD lenses with servo zoom and focus; four HS18X5 BERM standard focal length, HD 1/2-inch XDCAM HD ENG/EFP with Digi Power servo and 2X extender, one HA25X16.5 BERD lightweight super telephoto HD ENG-Style lens with servo zoom and focus; and one HA42X13.5 BERD super telephoto ENG-Style lens. The lenses are mounted on Sony HDC 1500L and Sony HDC X-310 cameras.

According to Frank Zamacona, of Zamacona Productions and resident director of the Koret-Taube Media Suite, the longer focal length offered by the Fujinon lenses presented a key advantage. With the debut of a new program offered by the San Francisco Opera called OperaVision, tighter shots were necessary. OperaVision allows audience members seated in balcony seats an improved view of the stage through close-up and mid-range ensemble shots in high-definition video on two 5’ x 9’ retractable screens hung from the ceiling.

“We needed to zoom in deeper and get in closer on the action on stage,” said Zamacona. “The Fujinon lenses give us sharp medium close ups of the performers no matter where they are on stage.”