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Sacramento Tower Jumper Snagged by Guy Wire

Tom Davis reported on the e-mail list that a BASE jumper jumped off one of the towers in the Walnut Grove antenna farm, but didn't quite make it to the ground. An article from CBS news Dangling TV Tower Jumper Rescued said John Agnos' jump from the KOVR 2,000 foot tower occurred early Friday morning.

Jack Davis said that the jumper hit the fifth guy wire and slid down into one of the sand dampers about 200 feet above the ground. He continues that it took rescuers almost five hours to climb up the guy wire and lower him to the ground. I was surprised to see Jack Davis' comment that this action is consider a misdemeanor in Sacramento County, with punishment being a $1,000 fine and/or six months in jail. However, Jack said that the broadcasters at Walnut Grove contacted the Fire Department and will seek to recover rescue costs from the jumper. These should be substantial. Jack said five fire agencies responded, along with the county sheriff, the California Highway Patrol, three helicopters and a life flight. The total cost of this response is likely to dwarf the maximum fine.