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Russian state television communicates with RTS/TELEX

Moscow-based RTR, owned by the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK), recently added to its complement of intercom equipment from RTS/TELEX, putting in several Cronus digital matrices and KP-32 keypanels, which were installed by RTS/TELEX’s local distributor Okno-TV.

The public broadcaster operates a large number of regional studios, all of which are linked to the RTR main broadcast and production facility in Moscow via a countrywide Ethernet trunked (RVON) IP network. This meant that all of the new systems had to be integrated into the network using trunking technology.

RTR has been using matrices and keypanels from RTS/TELEX, including a multiframe ADAM matrix in the company’s Moscow headquarters, for several years with success.

The RTS Cronus intercom is a modular, 32-port digital matrix intercom in 2U that can accommodate up to four AIO analog or RVON-C VoIP cards with eight ports each. Featuring an advanced DSP architecture, the technology permits up to four Cronus units to be linked to create a unified 128-port matrix. When connected as a single matrix, the individual Cronus intercom controls remain autonomous and independent at each matrix to maximize reliability. The Cronus is available with either an analog card or the RVON-C VoIP card.