Rushworks Drives St. Johns County Gov. TV Ops

Milton Soto operates the new Rushworks A-List automation system at St. Johns County video.

AUGUSTINE, FLA.—St. Johns County Government Television uses Rushworks’ A-LIST broadcast automation system to provide scheduled video content to our PEG cable channel provided by Comcast and we’re also streaming this content to AT&T’ U-Verse.

We purchased the A-LIST system to replace an older video bulletin board system in order to provide county residents with improved and expanded county news and media coverage. With the implementation of A-LIST, our staff now offers viewers a more captivating and informative broadcast picture, including live public service announcement video content and informational zones promoting citizen social media connectivity with the county.

A-LIST has allowed us to “break the barrier” between classic bulletin board style government programming and cutting edge broadcast communications.

St. Johns County can now explore new partnerships while expanding older alliances held with various local and state agencies. Having witnessed the dramatic improvements made possible by A-LIST, these entities are now reaching out to our television operation for sharing educational information with viewers on a constant 24/7 cycle.

The A-LIST’s user-friendly and intuitive programming capability allows our staff to easily operate the system and greatly simplifies the previously challenging process of broadcast system maintenance. We’re able to enjoy the benefits of a reliable, streamlined, and simplified approach to our broadcast automation all made possible by A-LIST.

Its hybrid design combines the powerful, yet simple, scheduling features of a sophisticated broadcast server with the versatility of zoned playback, allowing us to automatically return to rotating bulletin board content if specific programs aren’t scheduled to run. In its “Zone” mode, the primary playlist content zooms into a preset position with as many as five background zones. Content for each of those zones is contained in dedicated folders and we can add or remove graphic files via the network, making it very easy to maintain and update rotating zone content.

The system also provides a lot of internal graphic options, including two independent general purpose crawls, a dedicated EAS crawl, an animated graphic layer with audio, and an Auto-Bug feature that automatically fades a logo over files or live input events that run longer than two minutes. We’ve dedicated one of the crawls for emergencies, allowing us to log into A-LIST from anywhere and simply type out an emergency message with the crawl displayed immediately.

Aside from the immediate technical benefits gained by the A-LIST upgrade, our staff has been impressed and pleased with the exceptional customer service and assistance provided by Rushworks. The company has worked diligently to ensure our positive experience extends beyond purchase.

Our mission is to provide the best possible government access channel for our residents, and Rushworks has provided the critical follow-through and support to ensure our broadcast coverage is constant and true to our specified design.

Milton Soto is a communications specialist at the St. Johns County Government Television. He may be contacted

For additional information, contact Rushworks at 888-894-7874 or