RTW Issues Global Loudness Delivery Guide

(Image credit: RTW)

COLOGNE, Germany—As new digital platforms have emerged in recent years in the broadcast industry—like Netflix, Apple, Amazon and others—RTW has updated its standards to ensure that streamers have their own loudness delivery guidelines.

In some cases, the guidelines are similar among different platforms in terms of Integrated Loudness (LUFS), but there are some variations when in comes to True Peak (dBTP).

“With so many different streaming services around these days, we saw a need for gathering all of the available information in one place so that content providers can get an easy overview,” said Mike Kahsnitz, RTW senior director of product management.

Kanhsnitz says that RTW has listed 35 different specifications that vary depending on region, individual country and content type. He also says that RTW will update the list in case specifications change at any point, or when new ones arise.

View RTW’s loudness delivery guide (opens in new tab) online.