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Rohde & Schwarz Publishes ‘Go 2 Repack’ Survival Guide

COLUMBIA, MD.—Broadcast stations that need to prepare for the upcoming spectrum repack now have a study guide courtesy of Rohde & Schwarz, as the company has created the “Go 2 Repack” guide and has made it available for download.

“Go 2 Repack” is a 15-page guide authored by R&S staffers, antenna manufacturers, RF consultants and other industry leaders for broadcasters and technical personnel involved in transitioning to a new channel as part of the spectrum repack. The guide features information about the repacking process, ATSC 3.0 and details about the latest antenna and transmitter technology. Other topics of interest covered in the guide include permits and logistical considerations; installation preparation; repack impact on LPTV and translators; plans to replace RF systems; and antennae selection.

R&S has released the “Go 2 Repack” guide in conjunction with its series of Repacking Advanced Technology Events, which will take place in Columbia, Md., Dallas and Burbank, Calif., on March 6, March 8 and March 9, respectively.

To download “Go 2 Repack,” visit