Rode shows professional video microphone for ENG cameras

Rode has developed the new VideoMic Pro, a professional-grade shotgun microphone for use with small format digital video cameras, including HDSLRs.

The microphone exhibits low noise and an unusually wide bandwidth for its size. It is ultra lightweight, yet rugged due to its ABS construction. The VideoMic Pro is powered by a standard 9V battery and offers an LED power status indicator and a switchable high pass filter to reduce unwanted low frequency rumble.

The microphone has a broadcast-quality condenser capsule with a supercardioid pickup pattern to capture audio from the front, while minimizing pickup from the sides and rear. An integrated shockmount and foam windscreen minimize handling and wind noise.

On the rear of the mic is a three-way level control that offers -10dB, 0dB and +20dB modes. There is also a two-step high pass filter with 0 and 80Hz settings, letting users minimize the impact of low frequency hum and camera motor noise. The mic has a standard camera shoe and a 3/8in threaded mount for easy attachment to cameras and boom poles.

The 3.5mm plug is compatible with a wide variety of different cameras and audio devices. The VideoMic Pro operates for up to 70 hours on a single battery, allowing work in the field without constant replacements.