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Rob Pegoraro Discusses DTV Experiences in The Washington Post

Rob Pegoraro, writing in The Washington Post last Sunday, had an excellent review of his experiences with the RCA 27F634T SDTV set, which he notes has a list price of only $359.

In the article, Bright and Clear Digitally -- Over the Air, Pegoraro states, "Instead of fuzzy, scratchy, noisy analog reception, digital channels with strong enough signals come in perfectly. Not good, but perfect -- clearer than any compressed version of an analog signal packaged and retransmitted over cable or satellite."

Read his article for his observations on the difficulty of receiving DTV signals from Washington D.C. stations and his review of the RCA set. Overall, the article is positive, but does illustrate some areas in which stations will have to educate viewers about how DTV works and why, in some cases, it doesn't.