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RF Technologies Provides Antenna for First Class A DTV Station

WYKE-LP in Citrus County, Fla. became one of the first Class A TV stations to begin digital broadcasting, having been granted its digital license on March 8, 2005. Bill Godfrey of Kessler and Gehman Associates was a consulting engineer on the project. Although there were many obstacles to overcome in the conversion because the FCC had not finished writing the rules for DTV, "when the rules were released almost 1.5 years after the filing, the FCC was extremely helpful and provided essential guidance through all phases of the filing and processing of the application," according to the company.

The FCC database shows WYKE-LP operates at 15.0 kW using an RF Technologies CS-2030-F-16 antenna, which replaced a Bogner B16UA antenna. Bill Ammons, Director of marketing and sales for the broadcast products group at RF Technologies noted the antenna is a ChromaStar low group-delay antenna specially designed for DTV transmissions.

WYKE-LP's general manager said the 15 kW DTV station is able to reach and serve the Tampa DMA, even though it is located in relatively rural Citrus County.