REVShare offers alternative to eBay's TV spot trade system

REVShare, a California-based specialist in cost–per–action (CPA) TV advertising, wants to compete with eBay's TV spot trade system.

The company's hybrid model incorporates direct response (DRTV), cost-per-action (CPA) and traditional audience measurement. REVShare's technology, CPA Metrics, provides advertisers with impressions and rating points equivalency, as well as daypart and DMA delivery of CPA schedules.

REVShare said its current advertising network was comprised of more than 1200 properties, including local cable, broadcast, syndication and network cable, penetrating 110 million households totaling 93 percent of the U.S. population.

Joseph Gray, CEO of REVShare, said his company's model, unlike that of eBay, did not commoditize media, and was performance-based, wherein advertisers only pay for media on the basis of consumer response, upholding accountability while mitigating the effects of DVRs.

Last year, eBay was hired to build an exchange by a group of large marketers with the idea that placing ads in many types of media could be done more efficiently using an Internet action rather than personal negotiation.

Some TV broadcasters, however, have worried that automated buying and selling would reduce prices and take human interaction out of ad buying. Several cable networks, including Turner Networks, Discovery, Lifetime and ESPN, have boycotted the online exchange.