Reuters Adopts Panasonic P2 for News

Reuters has adopted Panasonic's P2 as the acquisition format for its global network of news bureaux. Standardizing on Panasonic AJ HPX2100 cameras, Reuters' news bureaux will begin upgrading to solid-state tapeless P2-based operation in Q2 2008.

"The Panasonic cameras and P2 technology provide a faster and easier way of getting material to air," said Robert Kernot, global head of Reuters Visuals Development. "Because we are now moving files around instead of tape, P2 allows a much more flexible approach to workflow. Combined with these advantages, the multi-format camera capability and the robust, compact nature of the equipment add up to a very attractive solution for Reuters."

Reuters will deploy upwards of 100 HPX2100 cameras in its global network of bureaux, using P2 technology in a variety of different workflows to accommodate the varied requirements of each bureau. For larger bureaux, material will be uploaded to the Avid infrastructure for editing, while in smaller operations, the P2 media will be loaded directly onto laptops for editing. Camera operators and journalists in the field will be able to upload material to their bureau via the Internet, without having to deliver physical media.

"Throughout its history, Reuters has been a trailblazing operation, working with the most advanced technology available in order to bring news and information to its customers in the most timely manner," said Jaume Rey, director, Panasonic European Professional Broadcast and IT Systems (PBITS). "By adopting Panasonic's P2 solid-state technology, Reuters is once again showing its determination to be at the cutting edge of the media industry in the 21st century."