Retailers May Require Screening of HDMI Capabilities

According to Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, an unnamed major national retailer is currently notifying its suppliers that the chain will require all HDMI-enabled products (including HD sets) to go through a third-party testing process for compatibility and interoperability, in order to qualify for its shelf space in 2007.

Some consumers are experiencing problems connecting HDMI and DVI products with noncompliant HDMI or DVI devices, the company said at a press conference this week. In most cases, noncomplaint products reportedly are failing to complete a "handshake" to recognize other products for sending and receiving signals, according to TWICE.

For the next year or more, it's appears likely that several big-box chains and other retailers will require some type of independent testing arranged by manufacturers (such as the "Simplay HD" test) to gauge reliable compatibility. The Simplay HD Testing Program is run by a subsidiary of Silicon Image. About 100 products (TV sets and other products) are now authorized to carry the Simplay HD logo.