Retailer Survey Finds Growing Flatscreen, HD Preferences

A new national survey commissioned by electronics retailer Circuit City, shows a fairly strong consumer desire for "advanced technology" in TV services. While slightly more than half of the 2,300 parents surveyed online in August said they want to see more primetime family-friendly programming in the broadcast TV season that begins this month, 45 percent said they "want to see more shows broadcast in HD," even though the survey did not ask whether the respondents owned HD sets).

More than a third of respondents (34 percent) said they "plan to shop" for a new TV within 12 months, with virtually all of those responding to the online poll predicting they will look for an advanced technology TV, "such as a high-definition or flat-panel set thin enough to hang on a wall," Circuit City said.

Seventy-seven percent of respondents said falling prices are making them more inclined to buy an advanced technology TV, with nearly half (48 percent) ranking HD picture quality as their top priority in making a purchase; 21 percent said size matters most when it comes to screens. Only 12 percent said they are guided most by brand names.

Circuit City, which sells advanced technology TV systems, had an independent analyst produce the survey.