Report: U.S. Households Own Average of Seven Screens

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LYON, FRANCE—Consumers now have a range of devices that they can ingest content through, but rather than replacing one with another, a recent study from ReportLinker indicates that consumers in the U.S. are amassing a multitude of screens in their homes.

According to the report, the average U.S. household owns 7.3 screens. TV remains the most popular, with 93 percent of respondents saying they have one; digital devices are also becoming more prominent in homes, such as smartphones (79 percent), laptops (78 percent) and tablets (68 percent). Desktop computers (63 percent) and video game consoles (52 percent) also showed up in a majority of responders homes.

The study took a particular focus on children’s relation with certain devices in the home. The report showed that TV remains the most popular device overall with 62 percent of mentions, but that tablets are actually the most popular among children 10 and younger, with 47 percent of respondents said their children used tablets; a reported 58 percent of children five and younger use tablets. “This device has the potential to unseat TV as the favorite of future generations,” ReportLinker wrote in its summary.

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