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Report says mobile TV continues slow but steady growth worldwide

A new report from market research firm In-Stat finds the worldwide mobile TV broadcast market steadily expanding, predicting that the number of commercially launched mobile TV broadcast networks will grow from nine in 2006 to 13 this year. The main barriers preventing faster growth include spotty spectrum availability — particularly in Europe — and the limited number of mobile TV broadcast-enabled handsets currently available to consumers in many markets.

In-Stat found that Asia is leading the growth in mobile TV, with the greatest number of mobile TV broadcast subscribers having signed on for such services in that region through 2006. It also predicted that mobile TV broadcasters worldwide would reach 125 by 2011.

While spectrum availability is a concern, the problem will likely resolve itself as more stations switch to fully digital operations, according to In-Stat analyst Michelle Abraham, quoted in the press statement announcing the report. "Over the next 10 years," she said, "more mobile TV broadcasts will launch as broadcasters shut off their analog TV signals, freeing up the spectrum."

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