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Report: Digital Content Revenues to Hit $180B in 2017

HAMPSHIRE, ENGLAND—With more and more broadcasters and telco operators making the transition to streaming by deploying their own on-demand and IPTV offerings, U.K.-based Juniper Research forecasts that consumers will spend around $180 billion in 2017. The research and analytic service provider highlighted this and more research in its “Digital Content Business Models: OTT & Operator Strategies 2016-2021” report.

In addition to offering independent services to compete with OTT providers, Juniper’s report also indicates that telcos recognized the need to develop original content. Sports could also play a role down the line, as indicated by Twitter’s recent acquisition of exclusive rights to stream NFL games for the upcoming 2016 season; though that could prove more difficult, according to Dr. Windsor Holden, author of the research.

“The spiraling cost of most premium sporting rights means that bidders for exclusive live rights must now pay several hundred million dollars per season,” Windsor explained. “With most streamed audiences well under a million, this is likely to deter online-only players in the short and medium term.”

Juniper is offering the complimentary white paper, “Making Digital Content Pay,” for download via its website along with additional details on the “Digital Content Business Models” research.