Religious broadcast facility in Brazil employs Grass Valley production gear

The IURD (Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus, or Universal Church of the Kingdom of God), a new content creation facility located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has purchased a full complement of Grass Valley digital production equipment. The new facility includes a shared storage area network (SAN) based on multiple Grass Valley K2 media servers, a large storage array and multiple Grass Valley Aurora Edit workstations.

The IURD sale also includes equipment for a new production studio and soundstage. There are three Grass Valley LDK 400 digital cameras (running on digital triax cables), a Kayak DD production switcher, and a variety of Gecko and Kameleon signal processing gear capable of handling all types of analog and digital signals coming into and out of the facility.

The complete digital production system is being seamlessly integrated with a large media asset management system supplied by Front Porch Digital and IBM.

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