Recommendations for More Reliable and Secure Media Facilities

Media Security and Reliability Council (MSRC) members meeting at the FCC last week received more than 50 best practices recommendations from broadcast, cable and satellite industry leaders detailing "prevention and restoration measures to ensure the continued operation and security of media facilities in the face of a national emergency," as reported in the FCC News Release Homeland Security: Industry Leaders Present Recommendations to Ensure the Reliability and security of Media Facilities. MSRC will complete voting on the recommendations by November 26, 2003.

The FCC New Release said the best practices included "recommendations
regarding the physical security, backup power, and redundant facilities for radio stations, local television stations and cable television companies. They also included recommendations related to disaster recovery plans of radio and television broadcasters, cable companies, direct broadcast satellite (DBS) and digital satellite radio providers, and other delivery media."

MSRC is planning to use Tampa, Florida as a model for implementing the best practices. It will also help the MSRC to develop new recommendations based on different regional and local practices.

Dennis J. Fitzsimmons, MSRC chairman and president and president and CEO of Tribune Company said, "Great progress has been made, but given the importance of the mission, we can't afford to pat ourselves on the back just yet."