Rainbow and Pegasus File Ka-band Satellite Applications

Rainbow DBS Co. LLC has filed applications for authority to construct, launch and operate five geostationary satellites using Ka-band frequencies. This satellite system could provide a useful platform for broadcasters' DENG and remote news applications.

Rainbow said it proposes to use its satellites, Rainbow KA 1 at 62 degrees West Longitude (WL), Rainbow KA 2 at 129 degrees WL, Rainbow KA 3 at 87 degrees WL, Rainbow KA 4 at 71 degrees WL, Rainbow KA 5 at 119 degrees WL for "interactive data and video applications; secure, streaming, switch video applications; and broadband data services" in all 50 U.S. states and parts of Canada and Mexico. Uplink frequencies are at 28.35 to 28.6 GHz and 29.25 to 30.0 GHz and downlinks are at 18.3-18.8 GHz and 19.7 to 20.2 GHz.

Pegasus asked for authority to move its Ka-band authorization at 117 degrees WL to 87 degrees WL and modify technical parameters of this satellite and another authorized for 127 degrees WL. It also asked for an extension or waiver of its construction commencement milestones.

More details on these and other recent applications for satellites are available in the FCC Satellite Space Applications Accepted for Filing Report SAT-00164.