Radiant Images to Distribute Nokia OZO VR Camera

LOS ANGELES—Radiant Images has gotten its hands on Nokia’s OZO virtual reality camera, with the announcement that it will sell and rent the camera for U.S. customers. Featuring eight synchronized global shutter sensors and eight integrated microphones, the OZO is able to capture 360-degree and stereoscopic video with 360x360 surround sound.

Designed in Nokia’s R&D facilities in Tampere, Finland, OZO is able to store all video and audio data in a single video file. It also features a single output cable and one internal battery and power with solid state drive recording cartridge.

The OZO’s eight synchronized sensors are 2Kx2K cameras. Content is recorded to a 500 GB solid state drive that can hold up to 45 minutes of footage. The camera also features software that enables real-time 3D stereoscopic monitoring and a playback system that eliminates the need to pre-assemble a panoramic image. OZO’s recorded content can then be published on commercially available VR viewing hardware and is able to integrate into post-production workflows.

Nokia’s OZO VR camera is currently available for purchase or to rent through Radiant Images.