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Purchase preferences of broadcasters broken down by geography, organization size

One thing anyone on the supply side of the broadcast industry would like to know is how broadcasters prefer to purchase technology products.

I wanted to find out, too, so in a recent market research project, I asked more than 1000 broadcasters worldwide the following question: When purchasing broadcast technology products, do you prefer to buy from a "one-stop shop" or select "best-of-breed" solutions from multiple vendors?

It turns out that in general, there is a strong preference for buyers to evaluate multiple vendors and select a best-of-breed solution.

As you can see from the chart on this page, the same holds true for other types of buyers, including cable programmers, cable/satellite/IPTV operators, post-production facilities, government and education. In each case, at least two-thirds of respondents expressed a preference for best-of-breed solutions.

Looking specifically at broadcasters, I wanted to know what influence, if any, factors such as geographic location and organization size have on their purchasing preferences.

To find out, I took the purchase preference data for the more than 1000 broadcasters who participated in the study and broke it down by both geography and organization size.

It turns out that not all broadcasters are created equal when it comes to buying preferences.

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