Puerto Rico Lower-700 MHz Auction Scheduled

The FCC scheduled an auction of C-Block lower 700-MHz spectrum (710-716 MHz and 740-746 MHz) for July 20, 2005. This auction is for five CMA licenses, all in Puerto Rico, that remained unsold in Auction 49. This spectrum is on TV channels 54 and 59, which are currently used or authorized for use in Puerto Rico by WCCV-TV in Arecibo and WDWL-DT in Bayamon. There is also a translator, W54AQ on channel 54. Adjacent channels are occupied or authorized for use by stations WCCV-DT, WIPR-DT, WUJA, W34CI, W60AA and WMEI.

The licenses are for the Mayaguez, Arecibo, Rincon, Ceiba and Celebra areas of Puerto Rico.

For complete information on the auction, refer to the FCC Public Notice. With increasing interest in using lower 700 MHz spectrum for mobile TV, will this auction be more successful than Auction 49, which closed on June 13, 2003.