PSSI Global Services Performs Multiple Satellite Transmission in 1.09 Seconds

VAN NUYS, CALIF.—Eat your heart out Usain Bolt, because PSSI Global Services has reportedly successfully transmitted a 10-path, multiplexed, HD feed via satellite from Toledo, Ohio, to Charlotte, N.C., and back in 1.09 seconds. PSSI claims that this low-latency transmission tops any previously known speeds via satellite.

The transmission occurred for NASCAR Productions during a live broadcast of an ARCA Racing Series event. The transmission involved two satellite hops, production switching, two HD encode sessions and two HD decode sessions. PSSI used encoding and decoding technology from Ericsson for the transmission.

With this result, PSSI says that it can achieve a one-way transmission in less than 500 milliseconds, including the inherent delay of 240 milliseconds for the signal to travel to the satellite and back.

Brian Nelles, PSSI’s senior vice president, says the transmission shows that satellite can compete with fiber in both reduced latency and multi-camera timing.