Proximity Technology drives NBC’s centralized graphics production

NBC’s Television Stations Division is using Proximity’s content management and workflow solutions across its 14 owned and operated television stations to improve production efficiency while increasing graphics quality and consistency. With a new production workflow model that is centered in Texas, the stations--which have increased their use of on-air graphics by as much as 200 percent—are able to seamlessly share graphic assets between them. Some are located hundreds of miles apart.

Proximity's Xeno software offers format integration for a wide range of graphics formats, an integrated Order Management system, and a graphics publishing system.

The Proximity “Xeno” range of products work in tandem with similar software installed at the network’s NBC Designworks, CNBC and MSNBC facilities and features full integration and support for the various Pinnacle Systems FXDeko character generation systems currently in use.

All 14 NBC O&O stations are now using graphics produced with templates out of a central hub facility in Dallas, Tex. The Xeno software, which is also installed at each station location, provides a consistent look for the network’s on-air appearance.

The Proximity software also offers:

  • format integration for a wide range of graphics formats and platforms used for graphics creation within the network;
  • a Media Catalog of all graphic elements used across the 14 stations, including browse thumbnails and all metadata;
  • Avid iNews integration for graphics browsing and drag-and-drop fulfillment of graphics templates;
  • a graphics publishing system for converting and transferring requested graphics from the central location to a requesting station; and
  • an integrated Order Management system for entering, tracking, verifying and fulfilling graphics requests between each station and the hub location.

John Wallace, senior vice president Broadcast Operations, NBC Television Stations Division, said that the unique asset management software has allowed them to implement an efficient and effective organizational structure for the creation and distribution of graphics content between our owned and operated stations.

Proximity CEO Luke Tristram, added that NBC has been a key partner for Proximity in the development and deployment of its software. The particular solution chosen by NBC is providing a network-centric model for graphics production that allows production resources to be shared across all stations. The cost savings and quality improvements leveraged in this model are substantial, according to both parties.

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