Pro Wrestling a bit Shy Over HD's Relentless Detail

To some, HD can be too much of a good thing. Just ask some suddenly camera-shy actors of both genders and, apparently, some pro wrestlers. But it seems World Wrestling Entertainment now plans to become one of the last televised "sports" to transition to HD--yet perhaps not for another year. The tentative launch date is not until March 30, 2008, at WWE's WrestleMania 24.

According to, the WWE will continue various trials runs of HD productions throughout this year, as some concerns are addressed over several technical and "cosmetic aspects" of producing both live and recorded pro wrestling are tackled.

Among the concerns are how WWE talent will appear in HD, and if some of the more popular, longstanding wrestlers may actually appear to be the real ages, thanks to the extra detail afforded by HD, compared with today's still-prevalent analog variety.

Also (and if you believe pro wrestling is real, you may want to stop reading now), the WWE is reported to be concerned over simply looking bad if 1080i or 720p clarity makes it obvious that than those eye-gouging jabs and bone-crunching slams in the ring usually (and quite intentionally) go easy on their intended targets.

WWE may be experimenting with some strategic camera placements that will show enough--but not too much--when pro wrestling finally turns on the HD key for its events.