Polecam to debut GoalCam, StadiumCam at NAB Show

At the 2011 NAB Show, Polecam will introduce its GoalCam and StadiumCam stadium-sports OB system.

The package is a three-component system consisting of two GoalCam cameras and a StadiumCam with an extremely wide viewing angle. The GoalCam/StadiumCam system provides high image quality, true portability, fast installation and easy operation.

Once set in position, each camera can be left to supply video for the entire duration of a game. The system is a logical complement to standard Polecam rigs as well as the long-range zoom cameras traditionally used to get close to the action.

Each GoalCam and StadiumCam incorporates a 1/3in CMOS HD-SDI imager allowing the use of ultra-wide-angle lenses with high corner resolution. Both GoalCams are fitted with 125-degree low-distortion lenses that provide images of the entire goal mouth without visible barrel distortion. An adjustable bracket equipped with a weather housing allows the GoalCam to restabilize quickly if struck by a ball. Suspended from a single point, the mount will flex if a player collides with it. The 125-degree lens allows the entire goal mouth to be seen even when the output video is cropped from 16:9 to 4:3. This gives commentators the ability to report accurately that a ball has indeed crossed the line.

StadiumCam is equipped with a 170-degree fisheye lens that captures the entire stadium in a single view. Like the GoalCams, StadiumCam can deliver 1080i resolution at 50/59.94Hz. An optional downconverter is available to provide SD-SDI output where required.

All three cameras, plus two auxiliary cameras, can be operated via a single Polecam RCP remote-control panel. Integral data receivers allow full control of camera functions, including motorized iris adjustment. The data signal can be sent along standard audio cable, over optical fiber or via a radio link, and control data can be embedded into, or extracted from, an HD-SDI stream.

See Polecam at the 2011 NAB Show in Booth C8013.