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‘Planet Earth’ Gets 4K Close Up

WASHINGTON—Viewers will get another chance to see some of Earth’s natural wonders on their television screen, as The Atlantic reports that the BBC will debut six new episodes of its popular nature documentary “Planet Earth.” Originally airing in 2006 in the U.K. and 2007 in the U.S., “Planet Earth’s” HD footage helped promote the technology to the industry and consumers. This new season will offer the same opportunity but with 4K/UHD.

An iceberg with aurora southern lights was featured in the "Ice Worlds" episode of "Planet Earth."

“Planet Earth 2” has been shooting footage for the last three years using UHD cameras, drones and remote recording, according to TheAtlantic’s report. With a minimal of actual 4K content available for the average consumer, “Planet Earth 2” could “serve as a similar native commercial for 4K televisions,” wrote David Sims in The Atlantic.

There has been no confirmed release date for “Planet Earth 2.”

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