Pinnacle intros lower cost networked editing

Pinnacle Systems has introduced Liquid Editing for Workgroups, a networked editing system utilizing Pinnacle’s Palladium Store 100 (PS100). The system is priced beginning at under $50,000.

Liquid Editing for Workgroups offers tapeless production suitable for the modest budgets of local broadcast, corporate, boutique post-production, government, and educational operations.

Facilities that already own Pinnacle Liquid Edition seats can purchase a complete package, including a networked video production environment qualified for up to 16 Liquid Edition editors. This package includes 2TB of usable storage (enough for 140 hours at DV quality video), RAID 10 mirroring, Pinnacle Liquid Project Server for collaboration and scheduling flexibility, Gigabit Ethernet switches, and Pinnacle’s Media Access Server (MAS). Purchasing Liquid Editing for Workgroups with 10 Pinnacle Liquid Edition PRO clients.

For more info, visit: (opens in new tab).

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