‘Phase II’ white space report was submitted for peer review, says OET

The FCC Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) said Oct. 28 that it had in fact submitted a report on the latest testing of white space prototypes released Oct. 15 for peer review.

According to the OET announcement, peer review of “Evaluation of the Performance of Prototype TV-Band White Space Devices” was completed Oct. 1. The peer review report was entered into the record Oct. 28, and parties were given till Oct. 31 to submit comments.

On Oct. 30, the Association for Maximum Service Television said it had filed a Freedom of Information Act request regarding the report and its peer review. According to David Donovan, MSTV president, the peer review analysis “makes no mention of the most important finding in the Phase II Report-that the burden of ‘proof of concept’ had been met” in regards to spectrum sensing. According to Donovan, it “is simply amazing” that the peer review report does not mention this important finding.

According to the MSTV chief, this raises questions about whether the report submitted for peer review actually included the “proof of concept” finding or it was inserted after the review.