Phantom HD Camera Used for Slow-Mo Hyundai Spot

Carmaker Hyundai will soon unveil a TV shot that used a prototype Vision Research Phantom HD high-speed data camera for capturing special effects of hyper slow-motion. Designed to introduce three new models from the South Korean carmaker, the commercial was made by shooting miniature models into large tanks of silver paint to produce an effect that looked like cars being formed from slow-flowing metallic liquid.

Hyundai may have taken a bit of a chance by commissioning the piece with its ad company, Clear, since the camera was a prototype and no demo shots were available. The camera is reportedly capable of shooting up to 1,000 frames-per-second in HD, according to Vision Research.

The use of special software allowed the model-car images to be replaced with real Hyundai vehicles taken from 35mm film and digital stills. Ad execs at Clear said one of the big challenges was dealing with the sheer amount of data the HD Phantom camera produced. After collating all the footage, the ad firm said it had more than 2 TB of data (or as much as some feature-length movies).