PESA Switchers Distribute Debate Coverage

PESA switching systems were used for covering the 2004 presidential and vice presidential debates.

Mobile broadcast units--from Game Creek Video, Yes Productions and Token Creek Mobile--helped send coverage with feeds distributed to major cable outlets and networks.

"In live events of this magnitude, where there is no backup, the reliability of your equipment is a fundamental concern," said Paul Bonar, director of engineering for Game Creek Video.

For the Sept. 30 debate between John F. Kerry and President Bush, Yes Productions provided pool coverage. The "Yes I" unit was outfitted with a Jaguar 64x64 SDI video router, a Jaguar 64x128 analog video router, a Jaguar 64x64 analog stereo audio router and the PESA RCPMB2 multibus control panel.

Game Creek Video "Southern Cross" and Token Creek Mobile "Millennium" trucks provided video and audio feeds during the Oct. 5 presidential debate at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland. The 53-foot "Southern Cross" unit was equipped with a PESA Cheetah 192x384 SD-SDI video routing switcher and a Tiger 144x144 analog stereo audio routing switcher.