Percentage of households unprepared for DTV transition drops in October

October saw the largest drop in the past six months in the number of U.S. households that are completely unprepared for the February 2009 DTV transition, according to Nielsen statistics released Nov. 3.

According to the research organization, the number of totally DTV-unready households fell from 8.4 percent in September to 7.7 percent last month.

Nielsen found that Hispanic households continue to be the most unprepared; however, in recent months Hispanic and non-Hispanic households have accelerated their preparations. In October, the percentage of Hispanic households that were completely unprepared stood at 12.4 percent. In September, the figure was 13 percent.

For more information, visit Percentage of Hispanic households completely unready for DTV switch Percentage of non- Hispanic households completely unready of DTV switch May 2008 14.4 percent 9.2 percent June 2008 14.9 percent 8.9 percent July 2008 14.5 percent 8.6 percent August 2008 13.4 percent 8.3 percent September 2008 13 percent 7.9 percent October 2008 12.4 percent 7.1 percent The Nielsen Company (May 2008 – October 2008)