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PBS selects ILC’s MaxView network control software

Network control software developer ILC has announced PBS will use its MaxView software at its primary and back-up broadcast facilities to monitor and control program delivery to its 349 member stations.

With MaxView, PBS operators will more easily protect broadcast services in the event of problems, such as power outages and rain fade, by quickly switching to broadcast from an alternate location –called “diversity-site switching.” Once a major undertaking, now the switch to a redundant set of broadcast equipment is accomplished with the click of a mouse using MaxView’s automation features.

MaxView will serve as the PBS Earth Station Control System, through which PBC will configure, monitor and control all functions of its existing Satellite Operations Center, Technical Operations Center and emergency back-up uplink site. PBS will use MaxView to manage a diverse mix of satellite, fiber and microwave and power equipment to monitor and control its C-band and Ku-band uplink chains, DS-3 fiber links, digital microwave links and power supply as well as to perform carrier monitoring.

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