PBS Launches ACE

WMHT in Schenectady, N.Y. became the first PBS member station to go live Sept. 27 with the PBS ACE system. WMHT is one of six PBS member stations scheduled to inaugurate ACE technology this year.

ACE is an IT-based, multicomponent broadcast system designed to bring greater efficiency to the participating PBS member stations by automating repetitive tasks and manual processes.
PBS Technology & Operations and a consortium of vendors designed the ACE system-- BroadView Software,Accenture,Ascent Media,Intel,MassTech,Microsoft,Miranda,Omneon,OmniBus Systems and SES Americom.

"The launch of ACE from our new digital facility gives us the opportunity to leverage our resources in different ways and channel our efforts into more creative endeavors that enhance the overall quality of WMHT programming," said WMHT President and General Manager Deborah Onslow.

WHMT offers five programming channels, including one in HD. With the ACE system in place, WMHT has an interface for viewing schedules for all 15+ program feeds sent from PBS headquarters in Alexandria, Va. Once programs on the schedule are selected for local airing, they instantly appear on WMHT's local broadcast schedule along with associated metadata.