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Paxson Standardizes with Leitch

Paxson Communications will be standardizing its stations' digital operations on the Leitch DTP turnaround processor, according to Harris Corp., which owns Leitch. The DPT is an MPEG-2 compressed stream processor that allows graphics and logos to be inserted into compressed video streams in both SD and HD operations.

"With 52 of our stations already broadcasting in digital, we were looking to acquire flexible equipment that is essentially ready to go out of the box--equipment we can install across the board in all our stations, no matter what the size of the operation or the level of technical expertise on-site," said Dave Glenn, Paxson engineering vice president.

The Leitch DPT works entirely in the compressed signal domain and provides MPEG-2 switching and stat muxing for one HD and two SD programs, or up to six SD programs. With it, broadcasters can insert logos, time and temperature and stock and news information directly into compressed program streams and avoid the introduction of artifacts associated with decoding and encoding processes.