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Pappas chooses analog, digital water-cooled e2v ESCIOT-powered Ai transmitters

Pappas Telecasting Companies has selected Acrodyne Industries’ (Ai’s) depressed collector Quantum transmitters using e2v ESCIOT water-cooled tubes for digital and analog applications at Pappas’ television stations WSWS-TV in Columbus, GA, and WMMF-TV in Green Bay-Appleton, WI.

WSWS and WMMF are full-power stations that will transmit five megawatts effective radiated power. Pappas Telecasting has also agreed to purchase a 30kW Quantum digital transmitter for WMMF. Installation of all of the Quantum transmitters is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

Ai’s Quantum transmitters represent the state of the art in UHF transmission. Using water cooling and collector depression, they provide a high level of energy efficiency. Pappas’s power usage will be reduced by 25 percent compared with conventional IOT transmitters. Rated at 240kW, the two analog transmitters are among the first applications of depressed collector IOT technology in analog service. Additionally, the analog Quantum transmitters are designed to be converted to digital in the field with little expense.

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