Panasonic Provides Details on 3D Camcorder

SEACUCUS, N.J.: Panasonic’s new AG-3DA1 camcorder will bring 3D power to a single camera operator’s shoulder for $21,000. The camcorder was first unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, and will make its NAB Show debut in April.

The company will start taking $1,000 deposits on the camcorder at NAB in Las Vegas. It’s scheduled to hit the streets in the fall. The key to the AG-3DA1’s function involves precise synchronization between the two channels, Panasonic’s Bob Harris said. It records in 1080i or 720p at various frame-rates and on dual (left/right) SD cards, has dual HD-SDI outputs, HDMI 1.4, and weighs in at less than 7 pounds.

Panasonic will also show a new 3D production monitor at the NAB Show. The 25.5-inch LCD is aimed at mobile and studio environs. It, too, is planned for September delivery at about $9,900.

Harris said Panasonic is targeting pro and consumer 3D production. The company will roll out two 3DTV sets in Japan in April, as well as Blu-ray 3D recorders and a player.Harris said the company has been hearing not just from traditional videographers but also from government and medical folks, plotting the 3D documentation of activities like surgery, mid-air aircraft refueling, bomb disposal and robot control.

The Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory will be lending expertise to moviemakers with both encoding and authoring services.

“You can expect lot of content coming out in the very near future,” Harris said. -- with content from Government Video

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