Panasonic POV cameras shine in ABC/ESPN Sports

Panasonic’s ultra-compact AK-HC900 HD progressive scan point-of-view (POV) cameras are playing a key role in capturing the action of the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup finals on ESPN between the New Jersey Devils and the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. The cameras are also being used for ABC’s live 720p HD coverage of the National Basketball Association’s championship series between the New Jersey Nets and the San Antonio Spurs.

Panasonic's AK-HC900 "box-style" camera is delivering crisp 720p HD images for ESPN's live coverage of the NHL's Stanley Cup Finals.

Panasonic’s box-type HD cameras, which have been used extensively during a number of HD sports broadcasts (such as this year’s Super Bowl), have become a mainstay of production equipment supplier Fletcher Chicago in Chicago, Ill. Fletcher Chicago rents and sells field acquisition equipment to an international clientele of broadcast, production and film professionals.

Fletcher Chicago purchased 15 AK-HC900 cameras earlier this year to augment the dozens of Panasonic AW-E600 standard-definition POV cameras that the company’s Sports & Entertainment Division has used to outfit its Fletcher Cams, remote-controlled specialized sports cameras.

The 3.9-pound AK-HC900 provides accurate color reproduction in tight places for high-definition sports coverage, television program production, business communications, and government and scientific imaging. The AK-HC900 offers a 720-line high definition output at 60 progressive frames per second, an ideal configuration for sports coverage. The camera employs three 2/3” 1 million-pixel (1280 x 720) IT CCDs with dramatically improved dark and highlight image quality.

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