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Panasonic introduces low-cost DV camcorder

The AG-DVC7 features a shoulder-mount body style that yields steadier images.

Panasonic has introduced the AG-DVC7, an entry-level DV Proline series camcorder.

Available Feb. 10, the new camcorder features a shoulder-mount body style that yields steadier images. It is equipped with a "next-generation" 340,000 effective pixel Interline Transfer (IT) CCD imager, has a minimum illumination of 1 lux, and a large-diameter 15X optical zoom lens.

The AG-DVC7 comes standard with an IEEE-1394 digital interface for the transfer of digital video into editing systems that run on Apple's Macintosh and Microsoft's Windows-based computers. The IEEE-1394 interface also allows the direct dubbing of digital video to Panasonic's AG-DV2000 DV format or AJ-D455 DVCPRO format VTRs and the new DMR-T3040 DVD recorder.

Weighing 4.62 pounds fully equipped with battery and lens, the AG-DVC7 offers features such as manual focus and iris, automatic white balance, five modes of program auto exposure, and gain adjustment between 0 and 18 dB. The camera includes internal wipe, mix, strobe, gain-up, trail, mosaic and mirror picture effects. A cinema mode enables 16:9 wide-screen format recording.

For more information on the AG-DVC7 and Panasonic's line-up of low-cost DV Proline products visit

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