Panasonic Goes Bullish on 3DTV

LAS VEGAS: Panasonic’s not giving up on 3D, but rather doubling down on it.

“‘Avatar’ opened eyes to the immersive and captivating entertainment value of 3D in one’s home, said Eisuke Tsuyzaki, Panasonic North America chief technology officer. “We are 100 percent committed to the technology and confident in the knowledge that 3DTV is actually off to a faster start than the implementation of HDTV. For example there are multiple full time 3D channels available on cable and satellite, not to mention the large and varied content on 3D Blu-ray Discs. Also, the continuing popularity and number of theatrical releases can only bode well for the in-home acceptance.”

Panasonic introduced its 2012 line of Smart Viera 3DTVs and 3D Blu-ray players at the Consumer Electronics Show. Of the 17 models in the 2012 plasma line-up 16 feature the 3D technology, while five of the 14 LED/LCD HDTVs provide 3D capability. In addition, Panasonic unveiled two new larger screen sizes in the LED family--47 and 55 inches. Furthermore four of the six Blu-ray Disc players in the 2012 line are full HD 3D capable.

Panasonic said that it has developed “an entire eco-system to create and display 3D images, from its authoring and mastering standard for Blu-ray, its AG-3DA1 3D camcorder, its 3D consumer digital cameras that display on Viera 3DTVs, and its 3D home theater systems. The company noted its recent establishment of a 3D Innovation Center in Hollywood at its lab.