Panasonic announces IP-based content delivery and scheduling system for plasma displays

Panasonic BB-S700 media player

At NAB2004, Panasonic plans to unveil an optional Internet Protocol (IP) based content delivery and scheduling system for its high-contrast plasma display panels.

Designed to create a cost-efficient and highly automated digital signage network, the system teams any of Panasonic’s “6” series plasmas with the BB-S700PD Media Player and the BB-SMG700 Media Server, an all-in-one software package that features network management, media distribution, individual (or group of plasmas) schedule creation and with local or remotely controlled playback, data encryption and media player management.

Panasonic’s media player supports high-performance audio and video images at 480 line interlace or progressive resolution, complemented by stills and Web content. A single Windows XP Professional PC can manage content play-out on up to 100 plasma displays; all media players are authenticated with the RSA method and all media is encrypted by 3DES prior to delivery via the IP network. For more info:

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