Pai Praises Broadcasters’ Efforts During Coronavirus

(Image credit: FCC)

WASHINGTON—Broadcasters got a thank you on Monday, April 6, from FCC Chairman Ajit Pai for their efforts to help support their communities during the coronavirus pandemic.

“As always, in times of emergency, broadcasters are stepping up to serve their communities and help keep people informed, healthy and safe,” Pai said. He praised actions that include airing thousands of PSAs on the coronavirus and the importance of social distancing, airing of educational programming, holding fundraisers and expanding on their COVID-19 reporting.

“I want to especially recognize those reporters who are on the front lines, often putting themselves in harm’s way, to obtain vital information on COVID-19 to ensure their viewers and listeners have the most up-to-date and accurate information,” Pai continued.

The FCC highlighted some of the specific efforts by broadcasters in the last few weeks, including Capitol Broadcasting’s WRAL-TV raising $275,000 for a relief fund for North Carolina restaurant and hotel workers laid off because of the coronavirus; Meredith partnering with local businesses in Phoenix to connect job seekers with available positions, including work-from-home jobs; MyNetworkTV airing grade-specific public school lessons in Washington, D.C.; and Townsquare airing special town halls in Trenton, N.J., featuring medical experts and advocates for local businesses.

Other networks and broadcasters have offered other important services that are too many to list.