Pace intros mobile PVR for pay television

Pace Micro Technology's mobile personal video recorder (PVR) for pay television services

Pace Micro Technology has introduced a mobile personal video recorder (PVR) for pay television services. With the unit, users can view conditional access protected digital TV content, wherever and whenever they choose.

Pace’s PVR2GO, with a five-inch widescreen display, extends the opportunity for PVR services beyond the traditional home-viewing environment. Users can download protected TV content onto a 40GB hard drive to view on a handheld screen anywhere that they choose. The display is encased in a robust outer with touch screen controls that include pause, fast-forward and rewind. In addition to television, PVR2GO can be used for audio (MP3 and Windows media audio), viewing JPEG images and playing games.

PVR2GO comes with integrated speakers and 3-D surround sound, has a stereo headphone socket and wireless headset support and analog TV output for large screen viewing and sharing. Connectivity options include USB 2.0 for content downloading and 1394 for multimedia distribution.

The system can also be formatted to use MPEG-2, MPEG-4 or Windows Media 9 content.

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