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Oregon Public Broadcasting selects Fujinon for HD transition

Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) has chosen a variety of Fujinon HD lenses for its network center facility in Portland, which is in the process of moving to digital SD and eventually HD production for its original programs. OPB is responsible for creating the majority of the public television programming broadcast throughout the state, and has upgraded most of its production equipment to enable HD acquisition and production.

Don McKay, Oregon Public Broadcasting director of engineering for production, shown with one of the three new Fujinon HA26x6.7ESM HD studio lenses on a Sony HDW-F900 HDCAM camera.

The facility, which is currently undergoing a complete conversion to SD and HD digital operations, recently purchased three Fujinon HA26x6.7ESM Premium HD studio lenses to complement three new Sony HD cameras in the studio. One of the cameras and an ENG-style lens will be mounted on a free-swinging jib to capture unique POV angles.

Don McKay, OPB director of engineering for production, said programs captured with the Fujinon lenses are downconverted to standard definition for analog viewers before being broadcast. OPB broadcasts 24 hours a day in analog and about five hours per day of HD content on its digital channel.

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