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OpenSignal: Verizon Offers Best U.S. Mobile Video Experience

OpenSignal, a U.K.-based researcher that measures video networking performance, has released a new report that cites Verizon as having the best mobile video streaming experience among the four major U.S. telcos, narrowly beating out T-Mobile, with Sprint following and AT&T at #4.

Out of a possible score of 100, all of the carriers rated “fair,” which means that they couldn’t handle high-resolution video without some hiccups, but were able to handle standard definition video with few problems.

The report notes that each carrier is placing increasing emphasis on video. AT&T’s recent acquisition of Time Warner was done partly with the goal of launching its own streaming service based around  its flagship network HBO next year. Likewise, Verizon, with its recent content acquisitions of AOL and Yahoo, as well as Sprint’s bundling of the Hulu OTT network and T-Mobile’s complementary Netflix subscriptions to new subscribers all illustrate the importance U.S. telcos are placing on streaming video.

Last month, OpenSignal reported that all four telcos support mobile streaming rates of an average 14 Mbps, with Verizon and T-Mobile both offering up to 20 Mpbs streaming, which is enough to support ultra high definition resolution.