OMVC helps operators cut through mobile TV hype

With all the background noise and hype surrounding the competing hardware and software of mobile TV, it’s often difficult to find the right resources for reliable information you need to make the best decisions in the new mobile TV environment. Fortunately, the Open Mobile Video Coalition provides solid resources. Here are a few reports that are available at the OMVC Web site.

Mobile DTV Literature Review: This research paper from Horowitz Associates for the OVMC covers topics on the business of mobile TV. Subjects such as advertising and subscriber revenue, the regulatory environment and product limitations are covered.

OMVC Mobile TV Use Cases: This new report by the OMVC describes in detail mobile TV applications including live TV content in basic and large formats, audio-only service, datacasting, video-on-demand and non-real-time viewing. It also covers interactive TV, advertising opportunities, ESG and data collection.

Broadcasters’ Competitive Advantages In The Mobile Video Marketplace: This 2008 study from BIA Financial Network and the Law and Economics Consulting Group for NAB's FASTROAD group looks at the position of traditional TV broadcasters in the U.S. mobile video marketplace. While written before the ATSC-M/H standard was fully defined and approved, the discussion of broadcaster advantages — lower cost of entry and coverage, content availability and access to advertising revenue — remains highly relevant. The authors also highlight ad revenue opportunity for broadcasters from PCTV — that is, viewers on netbooks, laptops and PCs equipped with tuners to receive the main OTA broadcast signal — not necessarily mobile TV.