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Olympic broadcast sound in balance with Neve Libra Live consoles

The OBV10 and OBV12, both traveling to Athens to cover the Olympics this summer, are equipped with Libra Live II consoles.

Greek state broadcaster ERT has taken delivery of the first of three Neve broadcast Libra Live II consoles to be used for training before the commencement of the Summer Olympics in Athens.

All three will be installed at the International Broadcast Center in Athens for use during the Summer Olympic Games and relocated to ERT’s TV broadcast studios after the closing ceremony.

In New York, AMS Neve has been training NBC personnel who will use the consoles in Athens. Cinevideogroep from the Netherlands will also be at the games. They will be sending two trucks to Athens, OBV10 and OBV12, both equipped with the consoles.

The Athens installation follows orders for four Libra Live II’s from TV3 Espania; two for CBN USA; one for YTV Japan, and one for Beijing Golden Ding Ding in China.

Visit AMS Neve for more information.

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