Ohio Station Launches Mobile DTV

COLUMBUS, OHIO: WCMH-TV is now the first Media General station to launch Mobile DTV. The NBC affiliate started broadcasting the ATSC M/H signal of the primary feed on Sept. 23, Media General said in a statement today.

“Our greatest strength is that we have the right local content for our marketplaces,” Marshall N. Morton, president and CEO of Media General, said, “Mobile DTV is an important new way to extend our reach and deliver this content to our viewers.... We look forward to launching Mobile DTV in as many as five to seven additional television markets in the coming months.”

In the coming months, WCMH expects to provide unique graphics for the mobile stream and allow for spot advertising insertions much like cable systems do today.

The Richmond, Va., media company has 18 network-affiliate TV stations in 10 states plus multiple Web and print properties. It’s a member of a joint venture formed earlier this year to coordinate and promote mobile broadcast TV service.

Media General announced its intent to launch Mobile DTV service across the station group in June. WFLA-TV, its station in Tampa, Fla., is also scheduled to launch ATSC M/H in this quarter.
-- Deborah D. McAdams
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