Obama’s Farewell Address Goes 360

CHICAGO—President’s Obama two-terms as commander-and-chief were historical firsts, so it’s quite fitting he’s unofficially closing his tenure out with another. According to a recent report by MarketWatch, Obama’s farewall address scheduled to take place on Tuesday, Jan. 10, will be the first presidential address to be broadcast live in 360-degree video.

The production will be handled by Los Angeles-based virtual reality company VRScout, who will work with camera rental and production company Radiant Images and virtual reality company Vantage.tv. VRScout expects to have three Nokia Ozo cameras on hand for the speech to capture different angles.

The broadcast will be available through VRScout’s social media handle on Facebook Live, Twitter and YouTube. The company also has goals of making it available through the Samsung Gear VR headset. After the live broadcast, the footage will be edited and enhanced for future viewing, according to VRScout Head of Studio Ryan Bell.

Obama’s farewell address will take place in the evening on Jan. 10 from the McCormick Place convention complex in Chicago.